Worbla Flower Necklace

Kyriakos of Crafts World has been experimenting with Worbla for various projects with fantastic results. Below is flower necklace he created with Worbla’s Black Art and some paper dies, a real statement piece!


Materials used
Worbla’s Black Art (WBA) Thermoplastic Modelling & Moulding Sheet – 180mm x 250mm x 1mm
Leane Creatief Cutting Dies – Multi Flowers #1 458503
Tsukineko Encore Ultimate Metallic Ink Pad Small – Silver
Tsukineko VersaColor Pigment Ink Pad Small – White #80
Buddly Crafts No Hole Pearls – 10mm 40pcs White P56

Tools used
Heat gun
Die cutting machine
Viva Decor Jewellery Glue
HardiCraft Non-Stick Flexi Cover Craft Sheet – Medium 300mm x 420mm

Heat a small piece of the Worbla sheet with the heat gun. Place in on the non-stick sheet and using a round tool (working with a metallic one proved much easier) spread the Worbla sheet making it even thinner. Use the die cutting machine to cut the flowers and leaves.
Tip: use the heat gun to lightly warm the plates of the die cutting machine so that the Worbla sheet stays soft and be cut better
worlba_flowers_necklace_1 (1)

If the die cut piece is not clear, just remove the edges with a small scissor. Heat a bit the flowers and form them.
Tip: the thinner the Worbla sheet the clearer the cutting. Wait for it to cool down and harden before removing it from the die.
worlba_flowers_necklace_2 (1)

Distress the flowers with the white ink and the leaves with the silver one.
worlba_flowers_necklace_3 (1)

Warm some Worbla sheet and form a cord of about 8cm long. Curl the edges to form hanger hooks.
worlba_flowers_necklace_4 (1)

Warm it a bit and glue first the leaves and then the flowers. If you find it difficult heating and attaching them, use the Viva jewellery glue (allow some time to dry)
worlba_flowers_necklace_5 (1)

Add a pearl in the centre of the flowers with the jewellery glue.
worlba_flowers_necklace_6 (1)



Thanks again to Kyriakos for sharing this tutorial. You can find their work on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.