Purchasing Online:

You can buy Worbla Thermoplastics, as well as Flexbond, Heat Resistant Gloves, and other supplies online from Cosplaysupplies.com. Standard shipping is included within the United States and Canada, and international shipping is available.

You can also find Worbla’s international retail options at Cast4Art’s website here.

Worbla Sheet Products are available online in 5 sizes:
Jumbo (39″x59″), Large (29″x39″), Medium (29″x19″), Small (14″x19″) and Sample (14″x9″)

Finest Art image
Finest Art 
Black Art image
Black Art
Mesh art image
Mesh Art
TranspArt image
Pearly image
Pearly Art

Kobracast Art

Crystal Art

Deco Art




Storefronts that Carry Worbla Products

We do our best to keep this list up to date, but always check that the address is correct from the retailer themselves, and always call ahead to check stock! Some locations carry only Worbla’s Finest Art, others carry a selection of our product line.
You can find some Worbla products carried by Blick Art Materials. Check their website for locations and stock!

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Having issues with the above map? You can see our manual lists of locations that carry our products by region below:

United States: West and Midwest
United States: South and Northeast
Canada, Brazil, and Panama

Want your favorite store here? Ask them to contact us at info@worbla.com