Worbla Flower Necklace

Kyriakos of Crafts World has been experimenting with Worbla for various projects with fantastic results. Below is flower necklace he created with Worbla’s Black Art and some paper dies, a real statement piece!


Materials used
Worbla’s Black Art (WBA) Thermoplastic Modelling & Moulding Sheet – 180mm x 250mm x 1mm
Leane Creatief Cutting Dies – Multi Flowers #1 458503
Tsukineko Encore Ultimate Metallic Ink Pad Small – Silver
Tsukineko VersaColor Pigment Ink Pad Small – White #80
Buddly Crafts No Hole Pearls – 10mm 40pcs White P56

Tools used
Heat gun
Die cutting machine
Viva Decor Jewellery Glue
HardiCraft Non-Stick Flexi Cover Craft Sheet – Medium 300mm x 420mm

Heat a small piece of the Worbla sheet with the heat gun. Place in on the non-stick sheet and using a round tool (working with a metallic one proved much easier) spread the Worbla sheet making it even thinner. Use the die cutting machine to cut the flowers and leaves.
Tip: use the heat gun to lightly warm the plates of the die cutting machine so that the Worbla sheet stays soft and be cut better
worlba_flowers_necklace_1 (1)

If the die cut piece is not clear, just remove the edges with a small scissor. Heat a bit the flowers and form them.
Tip: the thinner the Worbla sheet the clearer the cutting. Wait for it to cool down and harden before removing it from the die.
worlba_flowers_necklace_2 (1)

Distress the flowers with the white ink and the leaves with the silver one.
worlba_flowers_necklace_3 (1)

Warm some Worbla sheet and form a cord of about 8cm long. Curl the edges to form hanger hooks.
worlba_flowers_necklace_4 (1)

Warm it a bit and glue first the leaves and then the flowers. If you find it difficult heating and attaching them, use the Viva jewellery glue (allow some time to dry)
worlba_flowers_necklace_5 (1)

Add a pearl in the centre of the flowers with the jewellery glue.
worlba_flowers_necklace_6 (1)



Thanks again to Kyriakos for sharing this tutorial. You can find their work on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

TranspArt Crystal Necklace

Kyriakos of Crafts World has been experimenting with Worbla for various projects with fantastic results.

Below is the tutorial for the Crystal Beaded Necklace he made with Worbla’s TranspArt.


Faux gemstones necklace made with a transparent sheet of Worbla that is colored with StazOn inks to give an impression of raw cut blue stones.
Craft your own faux gemstones with a Worbla transparent sheet and make a necklace one of its kind. Easy to make and to adapt the faux stones to the colour of your choice, just by choosing a different inkpad. Add more faux gemstones, beads and pearls to alter further.
Find all materials in Buddly Crafts shop

Materials used:
Worbla’s Transpa Art (WTA) Thermoplastic Modelling & Moulding Sheet – 180mm x 250mm x 0.8mm
Tsukineko StazOn Solvent Ink Pad – Ultramarine
Tsukineko StazOn Midi Ink Pad – Teal Blue
Buddly Crafts Small Metal Beads – 36pcs Silver Tone
Buddly Crafts 10mm Lobster Clasps – 40pcs – Silver Tone ST14
Silver Plated Jump Rings – 6mm 144pcs #1135
Buddly Crafts 8mm x 3mm Feather & Cord Crimping End Caps – 100pcs Silver Tone
Buddly Crafts 3mm x 4mm Fine Chain – 10m Silver Tone ST18
BuddlyCrafts 2mm Round Leather Thonging Cord x 1m – Black
Hobby & Crafting Fun Earrings – 35mm Kidney #2417

Tools used
Heat gun
Round nose pliers
Sponge dauber
Piercing tool

Using the sponge dauber lightly cover about 5x18cm surface of the Worbla transparent sheet with the StazOn Ultramarine and Tea blue colours. Cut the coloured piece.

Heat well the cut piece of Worbla and wrap it to form a ball.

Using a round rolling tool, flat a bit the Worbla ball and cut small pieces with a pair of scissors. Heat each piece and flatten further. Remember to heat before cutting the pieces as the Worbla will harden and become difficult to cut.

Open holes with a piercing tools close to the edge on each of the flatten pieces. Place a jump ring with the round nose pliers.

Lay the pieces and set them to the form that necklace should look. Add some chain on the pieces that need lay longer on the cord.

Place the faux gemstones with metallic beads on the leather cord and set a clasp lobster and a cap end.

The finished piece!

Thanks again to Kyriakos for sharing this tutorial. You can find their work on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Dragon Age Morrigan Necklace

Laura Sánchez aka Nebulaluben created this beautifully detailed necklace for her Ballgown Morrigan from Dragon Age Inquisition. You can find her tutorial below!

Picture by Jesús Clares. Commisioned for EA Spain.
Picture by Jesús Clares. Commisioned for EA Spain.

Hello everybody!! Today it’s time to write about my Morrigan necklace so let’s go!

To make the pattern, I wrapped myself in plastic and masking tape to get a basic shape. I drew its shape with its details and I cut it out to obtain the pieces.
As always, I just made one half to make it symmetrical later.

2014-10-12 13.41.47
2014-10-12 13.45.22
2014-10-12 13.58.07
2014-10-12 14.01.34
2014-10-12 14.05.35

I made most of the necklace using Worbla but the pendant, that was the same from DAO and I already had its mold. I made the necklace base with a Worbla sheet and I shaped it with the heat gun.

2014-10-12 14.06.43
2014-10-12 14.13.05
2014-10-12 14.15.41

Then I cut the strips and the leaf shaped ornaments and I stuck them using the heat gun again. The smaller blue ornaments were made using thin craft foam.
2014-10-23 13.39.32

I glued the polyurethane resin pendant with epoxi glue.

2014-10-23 20.27.46

I primed the collar with a couple wood glue layers and priming spray. It needs a lot of work to smooth it out.
After priming, I had to sand it conscientiously till it looked smooth enough.

Before sanding.
Before sanding.
After sanding.
After sanding.

Once the surface was ready, I painted it with a layer of brown acrylic and, to finish it, I used my favourite golden paste.
2014-10-28 10.22.16
2014-10-28 11.05.34
2014-10-28 11.07.29

And done!
2014-10-29 10.37.16

I don’t quite like the final shape of this collar. I mean, it’s not bad, but I’d like it to be a litle wider. I was in a rush while making this costume, so I didn’t have time to remake it. Anyway, I hope you find this tutorial useful.
As always, you can follow me on my social media and feel free to ask me anything in the comments below.
Thanks for reading!

Thanks again to Laura Sánchez for sharing this tutorial with us! You can find her on Instagram, Twitter, and DeviantArt.