Worbla is a brand of innovative, non-toxic (conforms to ASTM D-4236*) thermoplastics designed to give artists a product that allows endless creativity without sacrificing quality or safety. Ever evolving, the Worbla line of thermoplastics offers something for everyone with an easy learning curve, 100% recyclable material and wide range of applications.

Worbla’s Black Art is now a new formula! Check out the details here!

Worbla products have been used internationally, from Disney to Star Trek to Cirque du Soleil, stage to screen, by crafters, cosplayers, sculptors, schools and architects – and the list grows every day! If you’re looking for where to purchase Worbla products, check out our Where to Buy page!

Completely new to Worbla and want to see how it can be used? Check out our Complete Beginners Guide Here, our Instructions page here, our FAQ here, and our page of basic projects and tutorials here. Interested in learning about our products? You can find our product line here.  We also have over 200 Tutorials to help show what Worbla can do.

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*Kobracast Art and Pearly Art are non-toxic and contaminant free but not yet rated ASTM D-4236