Have you heard of Worbla? If you’re a teacher working in costume or set design, millinery, model making or more, we’ve collected these resources to help you see just how Worbla can be integrated in your field, and help you better work with and understand Worbla’s products on a base level. You’ll notice that these pages might be duplicated elsewhere on our site, but these here are specifically written with teachers in mind, and we’ve created projects that can easily be taught remotely for those who are not able to hold in-person classes. Once you’ve perused the basics, you can further delve into our pages and tutorials for more in depth knowledge and inspiration!

If you’re not familiar with Worbla, we suggest you start here: What is Worbla?

If you have questions about Worbla for your next project or class, please contact us and we can help you with product, pricing, tools and more!