Gunner Gretel bow from sinOalice

DiGi Rin Cosplay used Pearly Art and TranspArt to help her bring this amazing bow to life for her sinOalice Gretel costume. She shared the process with us, and you can see the steps she took to create this oversized piece to complement her costume!

This is how I created my Gunner Gretel bow from sinOalice. I started off by patterning this all on a sheet of paper in 2D before I began to plan the rest of it.


  • ½ inch Insulation foam
  • Worbla’s Pearly Art
  • Worbla’s TranspArt
  • Foam Clay
  • Paper Clay
  • Model Magic Clay
  • Heat gun
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Floral wire
  • Hot Glue
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Duct Tape
  • In this tutorial I will be highlighting in detail how I made the dragon head, base of the bow and the materials I used for each part of the bow.

    The Dragon Head

    The base of the whole head was made from Worbla’s Pearly Art sandwiched between craft foam (worbla – craft foam – worbla).
    This was the craft foam base of the dragon head. After covered with worbla on either side, the highlighted part was then heated with a heat gun and then attached together.

    I then molded the shape of the the dragon head with foam clay (grey areas) and model magic clay (brown areas). In the picture below you can see this and the area in which the worbla was connected.

    The clay was held on by no glue. The foam clay held on very well but some of the model magic clay needed extra glue to stay on.

    I added more details with Worbla’s Pearly Art.

    I used the worbla – craft foam – worbla sandwich method. This part required me to attach the worbla to the foam clay. The worbla did not bond when heated up with the heat gun to the clay, so I used Gorilla Glue and hot glue to keep it place while the Gorilla Glue dried.

    Gorilla Glue takes a while to cure so I usually use little bits of hot glue to keep it in place.

    Additional details were added on with Paper clay (beige detailed area). Paper clay sometimes needs water to mold, I had a glass of water close by to damp my hands whenever molding these details.

    The Base of the Bow

    The base was ½” Insulation foam cut out with a box cutter. The base made to attach to the bottom of the dragon head.

    Floral Wire was attached to the insulator foam by poking holes through the foam, and taping the other side of the foam with duct tape to hold it down.
    A box cutter was used to carve holes on the top and bottom of the base shapes. A wooden dowel was then glued to the top and bottom insulation foam pieces using hot glue and gorilla glue.
    The head was then glued to a ½ inch Insulation Foam base. This was using Gorilla Glue and Hot Glue to keep it in place until the gorilla glue dried.

    The insulation foam was attached to the base to create the bow shapes.
    The top, bottom and middle of the bow have two layers of ½” insulation foam attached together by hot glue.
    The foam was attached to the base using hot glue and gorilla glue. Any gaps between the pieces were filled in with paper clay.

    Worbla’s TranspArt was heated up with a heat gun and wrapped around the floral wire to make a flame type of effect.
    The TranspArt was required to be glued into place with hot glue to the floral wire and the base of the the bow, to stay in place.

    What material was used for every part of the bow:

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