Transparent ‘glass’ shoes!

Team Paraluna Cosplay  used Worbla’s TranspArt and resin to make glass slippers for their Cinderella costume. They detailed the process below!


  1. a pair of shoes (to pattern from)
  2. saran wrap / cling film
  3. painter’s tape
  4. clear resin (and hardener)
  5. optional: Resin tints

Then wrap the shoe in cling film and then cover it with painter’s tape. You can then draw your patterns directly on the shoe! After you do that, carefully cut out the pattern. Pictured above is a pattern for both the sides of the shoe and sole, and the smaller part is the heel.

Slowly start heating the TranspArt around the shoe. Be very careful, it will get hot and melty! If you want to smooth it out, the best way is to press a damp cloth to the hot TranspArt. That way you can smooth it out without burning your fingers. :) Work your way around the nose of the shoe, over the sides to the back. Put on the heel separately. You can fuse the Transpa Art seams together by heating them up until it looks like jelly, and then firmly pressing the edges together with your damp cloth. Continue until you’ve got the entire shoe covered.

Trim the excess edges and then remove the TranspArt from the shoe and close the back seam by fusing the edges. Your outer layer is now done :D

Then it’s time to fill the heel with resin. Normal resin will cure transparant, but I decided to add some tints to my resin to get a blue gradient and make it look extra fancy ;) Slush some resin through the base of the shoe and along the sides as well to strengthen it.

Insert some gel pads for extra comfort aaaaaandd…… DONE!!

(It’s worth adding that Team Paraluna say they’re comfortable enough to wear for photos and walk in, but they wouldn’t suggest them as actual long term con shoes.)