Part 4: Everything else

Chrisx Design recently shared with us her Adjunct costume from StarCraft 2. Not only is the costume itself stunning, but she also shared with us tutorials on how she made it!

The other details

This is a sum up of the rest of the parts including:

  • Corset
  • Neck corset
  • Makeup
  • Arm pieces
  • Wire skirt
  • The corset.
    I have written several other tutorials about making corsets, but the details worth mentioning here is the stomach piece and the wiring. There is actually glowing wire here. (El wire)
    2014-04-08 15.14.57
    2014-04-08 15.15.02

    Adding a zipper in front so it would be easier to take on and off.
    2014-04-29 19.57.29

    And a small armor piece is attached with a D-ring and velcro.
    2014-04-29 19.57.33

    The neck corset.
    So I didn’t take any wip photos while making the pattern, but in theory I wrapped my sisters neck in tin foil, and added masking tape on top. Then I could draw out where I wanted the lines to go. Then cut it to pieces and I had my pattern.
    2014-03-23 19.54.41
    2014-03-23 19.54.50
    Finished. The boning are bits of wire and the method used is similar to how I make ordinary corsets.
    2014-04-15 23.02.04
    2014-04-15 23.03.53

    This costume includes a lot of makeup, I don’t have step by step photos (because I had very little time when I put it on the other times). First I need a gelatin prosthesis to cover my forehead and hairline so my face blends with the head piece. See this tutorial on how to make gelatin pieces.
    I used a grease base silver face paint, but to get it to “pop” i base coated my face with white creme makeup first. And Kryolan it is.
    2014-05-01 14.00.29
    Then I added black details with a brush and water based color (easier to apply).
    And last, the real job, with black and grey eye shadow add shadows along every line (along the nose, under the eyes, along the black lines). You also need to “dull” down that silver color so it matches the rest of the armor. Trial and error here guys.

    Blue contacts and false eye lashes finish it up. Remember to seal with transparent powder and fixing spray. (Photo by Pål Andresen)

    And just for you guys, funny photo of my taking off the head piece while the forehead is still stuck.
    2014-04-19 02.02.14

    Arm wires.
    Just “arm warmers” with different colored string sewn in.
    2014-04-29 19.56.59

    Wire skirt
    Then we have the skirt. The best is worbla again, with a clip lock. Several attachment for the tubes are added. The tubes them selves are a type of isolation tubes, some of which I sew mesh fabric on.
    2014-04-29 19.55.15
    2014-04-29 19.55.25

    Not perfect, but I had to include the Terran emblem somewhere. (a little rough around the edges, but I didn’t have a smaller brush atm)
    2014-04-29 19.55.40

    And I used my fab Black Milk leggings as a detail. When I update this I will definitely improve the skirt, need more tubes.

    Hope this helped if you wondered how this costume was made.

    Part 3: Adjutant shoulder armor (StarCraft 2)

    Chrisx Design recently shared with us her Adjunct costume from StarCraft 2. Not only is the costume itself stunning, but she also shared with us tutorials on how she made it!

    The shoulder armor

    Not the biggest piece, but here it is. The shoulder armor for my Adjutant.

    Shoulders: again this is worbla wrapped around a cardboard base, and I shaped the top over an easter egg I had laying around.
    2014-04-09 17.43.43
    2014-04-09 17.43.49
    2014-04-09 17.43.53

    For the circular shape I used a hair product box and shaped the worbla over it.
    2014-04-09 17.43.39

    Added a few LED
    2014-04-09 19.24.20
    2014-04-09 19.24.25

    More Gesso.
    2014-04-10 18.24.08

    Silver base paint and black wash. Details with acrylic paint and silver marker. Four 3mm orange LED for each shoulder. Finished off with a clear coat.
    2014-04-17 14.58.04

    The shoulders are attached to the chest armor with this Velcro solution and D-rings, keeping both the chest, back and arms together.
    This piece actually holds the chest and back armor together over the shoulders as well, so the shoulder armor won’t slide down because it is then attached to the upper body armor.
    2014-04-29 19.54.02
    Adjutant cosplay

    Part 2: Adjutant Chest Armor (StarCraft 2)

    Chrisx Design recently shared with us her Adjunct costume from StarCraft 2. Not only is the costume itself stunning, but she also shared with us tutorials on how she made it!

    The chest armor

    Of course I had to choose another cosplay with incomplete reference photos. And a character without arms or legs, hmm interesting.

    The StarCraft Adjutant Cosplay has been done before, in the style of a ball gown, I on the other hand want to make it more like a space armor cocktail dress.

    Starting off with the chest plate. First off I will be making the Second Great War Adjutant and not Adjutant 23-46, but I will use it as inspiration for the parts I cannot see on my reference photo.

    Chest armor and Worbla
    For the front I needed boob cups, so I shaped the worbla over a plastic sphere (my codex staff to be exact)
    2014-01-27 19.22.22

    And pieced together. Since worbla is a little difficult to get hold of here, I am only using one layer to make it last longer. And I do regret that somethimes, when it gets too wobbly. I also didn’t have a pattern, but tried and reshaped it all the way.
    2014-01-27 21.14.09
    2014-01-27 21.14.11

    Adding details
    2014-02-01 15.55.08
    2014-02-03 22.14.25

    The back
    You can’t really see the back, so I designed it as a space armor using reference photos from other space suits from the game. So in theory this is my original design.
    2014-02-01 15.55.04

    And using pizza boxes a supporting material to the worbla.
    2014-02-03 18.58.35

    One idea I had was that you could attach the cables coming out of my head to my back, so I used the screw mechanism from a jar, with the lid attached to the back. This makes more sense when the head is finished.
    2014-01-31 18.50.19
    2014-01-31 19.52.16
    2014-01-31 19.52.20

    Used tulle for details
    2014-02-03 21.47.36
    2014-02-03 21.47.45

    And Lights. For once I can actually take out the batteries.
    2014-02-03 22.09.40

    Vents on the back – Robots need cooling.
    2014-02-03 22.28.55

    Adding a few more details.
    2014-02-11 23.24.06

    Then you need to prime it with Gesso. I like to use a mix of wood glue and gesso during the final layers.

    Then I spray painted it with a silver base color.
    2014-03-28 11.01.24-1
    2014-03-28 11.01.30-1

    Black weathering and black details.
    2014-04-29 19.51.14
    2014-04-29 19.51.17

    Screws were added to get a more mechanical look.
    2014-04-29 19.51.33
    2014-04-29 19.52.20
    2014-04-29 19.52.25

    The threads from a can lid was added to the back construction, so I could screw the tubes from the head piece into the the back piece.
    adjutant tubes
    2014-04-29 19.52.50
    2014-04-29 19.52.31
    2014-04-29 19.52.34
    2014-04-29 19.52.37

    Part 1: Adjutant head piece (StarCraft 2)

    Chrisx Design recently shared with us her Adjunct costume from StarCraft 2. Not only is the costume itself stunning, but she also shared with us tutorials on how she made it!

    The head piece

    I have wanted to make an Adjutant cosplay for ages, and finally I figured that I would try.

    Other tutorials you can find here: Back/chest armor, shoulder armor and other parts.

    First off: the head piece.


    I started with a Styrofoam head and covered it with worbla, then I had a base to add other details on. Because I’m cheap I use a base of cardboard for some of my details instead of double worbla layer or craft foam core.
    2014-03-29 22.19.56

    Then I slowly added details.
    2014-03-30 17.27.07
    2014-03-30 17.27.11
    2014-03-30 17.27.14
    2014-03-30 17.27.17

    And this is how I made the “Mohawk”. A cardboard stencil
    2014-03-30 18.18.17
    Covered in worbla and folded
    2014-03-30 18.34.12
    2014-03-30 18.34.08
    Then the edges are folded in.
    2014-03-30 18.36.47
    And the Mohawk suddenly appeared.
    2014-03-30 18.38.37
    2014-03-30 18.27.40
    2014-03-30 20.53.32
    2014-03-30 20.53.36
    More details and tubes.
    And even more details.
    2014-04-02 16.29.54
    2014-04-02 16.30.00
    2014-04-02 16.30.09
    2014-04-02 16.30.04
    The mic ready with lights (but no sound).
    2014-04-02 19.06.48
    2014-04-02 20.47.42
    First layer of Gesso
    2014-04-03 07.18.17-1
    2014-04-03 07.18.35
    And some silver paint.
    2014-04-10 18.21.24
    And some detail paint
    2014-04-13 14.31.33-1
    Adding some lights and the rest of the tubes and we are ready to go. Here you see the jar with threads on the end, so the tubes can be screwed into the back armor. Here it is sadly a little broken after transportation.
    2014-04-29 19.58.56
    Close up of the threads.
    2014-04-29 20.00.53
    2014-04-29 19.59.10
    2014-04-29 19.59.21
    2014-04-29 19.59.02
    I couldn’t make out what it was written on the ear pieces so I decided to put down CHRIX12 instead (12th is my birthday)
    2014-04-29 19.59.49
    2014-04-29 19.59.55
    2014-04-29 20.00.03
    2014-04-29 20.00.07
    2014-04-29 20.00.20
    And this is how the head piece looks when it is blended with the gelatin forehead. (Photos by Pål Andresen)

    Adjutant from StarCraft 2

    Chrisx Design recently shared with us her Adjunct costume from StarCraft 2. Not only is the costume itself stunning, but she also shared with us tutorials on how she made it! Take a look at her amazing work, with links to the steps involved.

    Photo by: Martin, FrameLab AB


  • Head piece
  • Chest and back armor
  • Shoulder armor
  • Other parts (corset, neck corset, makeup…)
  • Additional images:


    Photo by Løvdahl Foto

    Photo by Løvdahl Foto
    Photo by Løvdahl Foto
    Photo by Katrix Media

    Photo by Pål Andresen