This Is Worbla (Video Series)

This Is Worbla is a video series by Elemental (aka Amanda aka the’s content manager) covering a wide range of topics on Worbla’s Finest Art and Worbla’s TranspArt. Part 0: Introduction Episode 01: Worbla’s TranspArt vs Finest Art Episode 02: TranspArt and Glue Episode 03: Making a filigree Bracelet or Bracer

Worbla’s TranspArt (Overview) – Video

Here are a few videos discussing the differences between Worbla’s Finest and Worbla’s TransPart, as well as tips for working with TranspArt. Transparent Worbla / Transpa-Art – Review by Kamui Lightning Cosplay shared this video showing some basic TranspArt work, including some amazing icicles. Worbla’s TranspArt introduction by The Thermoguys (Cast4Art)