Voting is now closed! Congratulations to Gothichamlet on her Audience Win for her Baroque Princess Celestia Crown.

This round, our six finalists were given:

  • 1 Medium Sheet of TranspArt
  • 1 Medium Sheet of Worbla’s Finest Art or Black Worbla, their choice.
  • 1 pair of Heat resistant gloves in their size
  • a set of silicone fingertips
  • a set of Earth Magnets
  • 1 small bottle of Flexbond Primer

Our finalists were tasked to create a finished project with a tutorial. Take a look at their entries below, and cast your vote for your favorite! (Please scroll to the bottom of the page for the votes, as we wanted to feature both work and the tutorials this round.

Gothichamlet created this beautiful Princess Celestia Baroque crown with Worbla’s Black Art and TranspArt, as well as feathered pauldrons.
The tutorial can be found here.


Kazzy Cosplay used Worbla’s TranspArt and Black Art for her incredibly cool Sejuani Helmet & Flail from League of Legends.
The tutorial can be found here.

Careko created a magical Moon Kaleidoscope from Sailor Moon with Worbla’s Black Art and TranspArt.
The tutorial can be found here.


Valkyrie Studios created this lethal-looking Felo’melorn, Pride of the Sunstriders, from World of Warcraft with Worbla’s Finest and TranspArt.
The tutorial can be found here.


Captain Morgan Teague created this tribute to nostalgia as an Ocarina of Time Set, including Triforce, Spiritual Stones, Navi, and Link’s iconic shield.
The tutorial can be found here.


Belles Crazy Cosplay created this deadly High Elf Shadow Warrior Bow from Warhammer made from Worbla’s Finest Art, PVC piping, and TranspArt ‘obsidian’ wings.
The tutorial can be found here.


Which entry was your favorite?