Kamui Cosplay, well known for her work with thermoplastics, has created eight fantastic books showcasing her methods for working with Worbla’s Finest art, as well as a book detailing working with lighting for cosplay (seen here). All eight books are available here, with a discount when purchased together.

The Book of Prop Making

Available here. The Book of Prop Making uses Worbla and foam to create bows, staffs, swords and spears. You can use these instructions to help you build any prop, large or small. At 48 full colour pages, Kamui covers
– Basic Materials
– Preparation & Tools
– Scaling
– Creating Weapon Patterns
– Separating Weapons for Transportation
– Shaping Foam
– Covering Foam with Worbla
– Detail Work

Advanced Cosplay Prop Making
Advanced_Prop_Making_Guns_and_Rifles_by_Kamui1 3_Advanced_Prop_Making_Guns_and_Rifles_by_Kamui 2_Advanced_Prop_Making_Guns_and_Rifles_by_Kamui 1_Advanced_Prop_Making_Guns_and_Rifles_by_Kamui

Available here. Kamui’s Advanced Prop Making – Guns & Rifles dives into making the most of your next prop build with Worbla. 48 full colour pages offering step by step guides for the following:
– Tools and materials
– References and scaling
– Printing screenshot patterns
– Creating your own blueprints
– Working with EVA foam
– Working with Worbla
– Priming EVA foam

As well as the following extensive work examples:
– Borderlands 2 – Miss Moxxi’s Rubi
– Overwatch – Symmetra’s Photon Projector
– League of Legends – Miss Fortune’s Shock and Awe
– Heroes of the Storm – Master Nova’s Rifle

The Book of Cosplay Armor Making

Available here. The book of Cosplay Armor Making uses Worbla, Wonderflex, and foam for armor projects. 48 full colour pages that cover
– Material definition
– Required tools
– Preparation
– Creating patterns
– Bring your armor into shape
– Detail work
– Work examples
– Attaching your armor
– Transportation

Advanced Armor Making – Helmets & Pauldrons
Advanced_Armor_Making_HelmetsPauldrons_by_Kamui_Cosplay_1 Advanced_Armor_Making_HelmetsPauldrons_by_Kamui_Cosplay_2 Advanced_Armor_Making_HelmetsPauldrons_by_Kamui_Cosplay_3 Advanced_Armor_Making_HelmetsPauldrons_by_Kamui_Cosplay_4

Available here, the book of Advanced Armor Making – Helmets & Pauldrons will help you dive deeper into the world of armor making to create amazing helmets and pauldrons with EVA foam and Worbla.
48 full colour pages that cover
– Tools and Materials
– Basic helmet and pauldron patterns
– Modifying and understanding patterns
– Working with EVA foam (Skulls)
– Working with insulation foam (Horns)
– Working with clay (Antlers)
– Working with expanding foam (Pauldrons)
– Attaching pauldrons
– Attaching masks
As well as the following work examples:
– Crusader Helmet
– Barbarian Pauldron

The Book of Cosplay Painting

Available here. The Book of Cosplay Painting discusses brush painting with acrylics and will help you complete any Worbla project. 48 full colour pages offer step by step guides on
– Choice of References
– Three-dimensional painting
– Priming
– Materials & Tools
– Basic Paint
– Painting metals
– Painting organics
– Gradients
– Shadows and lights
– Details
– Weathering
– Sealing
– Work examples
– Repairing

Advanced Painting – Airbrush & Weathering
advanced_painting_airbrush_weathering_kamui_cosplay_cover_small advanced_painting_airbrush_and_weathering_by_kamui_cosplay_2 advanced_painting_airbrush_and_weathering_by_kamui_cosplay_3 advanced_painting_airbrush_and_weathering_by_kamui_cosplay_4

Available Here. Time to level up your painting skills! If you want to really improve the finished look of your projects, knowing these advanced techniques can really help! In 48 pages and over 150 new photos Kamui brings us into the wonderful world of airbrushes, spray paints and weathering! Learn how to fake metal and create textures, weather your armor and props with washes, as well as chipped paint effects or even real rust! Also includes tips on how to age fabric and build your own paint booth!
48 full color pages
– Tools and colors
– Introduction to airbrush
– Creating fake metal and 3D textures
– Masking techniques
– Chipped paint effects
– Creating real rust
– Washing and creating realistic bones
– Weathering fabric
– How to build a simple paint booth

As well as the following extensive work examples:

– Fallout 4 – Sole Survivor
– Xena: Warrior Princess
– Overwatch – Symmetra
– League of Legends – Dark Valkyrie Diana

The Book of Cosplay Sewing

Available here! In 52 pages and over 220 pictures you’ll get easy step-by-step guides and detailed explanations about: Sewing by hand or with a machine, choosing the right fabric, sewing stretch fabrics, creating new or working with pre-existing patterns, sewing a mock-up, adjusting patterns, adding a zipper, lining, sewing gloves, leggings, boot covers and a dress, attaching armor to fabric and of course a lot of detailed pictures, tips and work examples!

– Introduction to tools, machines and materials
– Sewing machine and serger
– Choosing the right fabric
– Three useful hand-stitches
– Working with stretch materials
– Sewing simple gloves with lycra (drawing a pattern on paper)
– Sewing leggings with jersey (creating patterns from old clothes and working with a serger)
– Sewing a dress with satin (working with store bought patterns)
– Sewing a boot cover with faux leather (creating patterns with duct tape)
– Attaching armor to fabric

It also covers these useful techniques:
– Creating a mock-up
– Adjusting patterns
– Placing a zipper
– Adding lining

As well as the following work examples:
– Cleric (Aion)
– Xena: Warrior Princess
– Monk (FFXIV

The Costume Making Guide

01_costumemakingguide_svetlana_quindt 02_costumemakingguide_svetlana_quindt 03_costumemakingguide_svetlana_quindt

Available here. A fantastic step-by-step book introducing the fun and fantastic world of cosplay! Covers multiple techniques and tutorials for armor and props.
Bring your cosplay dreams to life with your own two hands. The Costume Maker’s Guide is a beginner’s guide to armor and prop making so that anyone – no matter their background knowledge – can make their costume dreams a reality.
Packed with more than 30 step-by-step demonstrations that teach the skills you need to bring all your favorite characters to life no matter the genre. Tutorials cover design planning, fabricating body armor, 3D painting techniques and more.
128 full color pages includes:
– Expert instruction for crafting shiny armor and realistic-looking props
– How to choose a costume and find good reference art
– A short shopping list of necessary materials and tools for beginning cosplayers
– How to create realistic paint jobs using simple acrylics
– A beautiful photo gallery featuring inspiring images from other cosplayers
– How to grow your workshop, take professional photos, participate in contests and join the cosplay community

The Book of Cosplay Lights
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Available Here: Do you want to make glowing LEDs, Gemstones or other costume effects? Look no further! Kamui gives detailed guides and tutorials. At 48 full colour pages, Kamui covers:
– Introduction to LEDs
– Understanding Electricity
– Calculating Resistors
– Serial and Parallel Connections
– Calculating Battery Lifespan
– Required Tools and Materials
– Troubleshooting
– Molding and Casting resin Gemstones with LEDs
– Building glowing Acrylic Spheres
– Lighting up Plexiglas
As well as the following work examples:
– Dani Moonstar (Marvel)
– Druid T9 (World of Warcraft)
– Protoss Wizard (Blizzard Crossover)


Retailers can purchase French-Language copies of The Book of Cosplay Armor Making, The Cosplay Prop Book, and The Book of Cosplay Painting, for their stores. Note that these are special ordered and take time to process.