If you are a teacher or educator (with a school email address or other method of verification), Worbla is now offering pricing specifically for school productions and classes through our online retail partner, Cosplay Supplies. You can see the pricing guide and order form with instructions on how to place an order here.

Worbla Sheets are sold in various standard sizes through different retailers. Our online partner, Cosplay Supplies, offers the full range of sizes. These are: Jumbo (39″x59″), Large (29″x39″), Medium (29″x19″), Small (14″x19″) and Sample (14″x9″). In visual terms:

It is always cheaper to buy one jumbo compared to two large sheets, and so forth. It is easy to break down Worbla sheets – you can simply fold most in half to score them and then use a pair of scissors or craft knife to split them. Keep this in mind when purchasing for a class project or large build! The largest size available is the Jumbo at 59″x39″, and all Worbla sheets are roughly 1mm thick. 

Worbla Pellets (Crystal Art and Deco Art) come in three sizes: 4.4oz, 14oz, and 282oz.

If you need to purchase in person, check out our Where to Buy page which lists our current retailers.