For the uninitiated, Worbla is a brand of thermoplastics that are heat-activated and non-toxic with no specialized tool or workspace requirements. When looking for a way to compare it, we’ve had users suggest a stretchy leather sheet or softened beeswax sheets in terms of handling and consistency when warmed. 

Worbla products are exceptionally user-friendly, with the ability to correct mistakes and reuse materials without waste. Worbla has no shelf life and has a work time of between 30 – 90 seconds before it needs to be heated again. There is no cure time: once cool it is hard and stable, and Worbla can be reheated and reworked endlessly.  Most Worbla products are self-adhesive, which allows users to work without needing to deal with various glues or dry times. Worbla products are solvent stable.

Unlike many other plastics Worbla can be shaped by hand, and will take complex curves, allowing Worbla to be shaped in and around molds. Worbla has been used by major companies such as Cirque du Solei and Disney, and for productions like Star Trek Discovery and Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour. Worbla has also been featured on the makeup reality competition Face Off, and of course Worbla has a thriving community of artists working in cosplay, sculpture, couture fashion, puppetry and more.

Worbla comes in two main forms – sheets, and pellets. Each color and name has its own properties and more can be found on our Product Page for Teachers.
Just a few examples of what Worbla can do are shown below! Check out our Gallery for more!