We’re looking for cosplayers, crafters, builders, puppeteers – and anyone else – who want to use Worbla for their next build! We’ll help supply the Worbla, in exchange for photos and tutorials of your work!

Sami Bess pictured above in her She-Ra build. Header image features Phalafel Cosplays, Sami Bess, Carmine Warren, and ThermoCosplay. Photography by Cosplay Realm and Kincart Photography

Multiple Sponsorships Available

Launching our products in Michaels Stores has been a huge, happy undertaking – but it left us with just over a hundred sheets of B-Grade material that is perfectly fine for crafting, but just isn’t pretty enough for a storefront!

Because we can’t easily recycle Worbla back into new sheets once it’s in North America (our manufacturing plant is in Germany), we’re looking to find some folks from all craft backgrounds who might want to use Worbla’s Black Art for their next project.

This is open to folks in Canada and the USA at this time.


What is Expected / What We’ll Provide

You’ll need to submit a project, an idea for a tutorial based on that project, a timeline, and a portfolio of your work for review. Your project can be as large as a full armor build, or as small as a crown. Tutorials do not need to be of a whole costume, but rather of specific aspects of a build, such as a prop or armor piece. All tutorials are expected to include finishing and painting steps.

EG projects:
Skullkid’s Mask from The Legend of Zelda, tutorial would be ‘How to make Skullkid’s Mask’
Geralt from the Witcher, tutorial could be for armor or his swords
Mercy from Overwatch, tutorial could be the breastplate, the staff, the wings, or the headpiece.

You’ll be expected to post progress photos and talk about your process on social media, tagging us in your posts, and to provide high quality photos of your finished project both on a model or dress form (if applicable) and against a plain background, as well as supplying a tutorial on how you created 1-2 portions of your build.

You’ll need to keep to the agreed deadline, or keep us up to date about changes.

We’ll supply you with Worbla’s Black Art and heat gloves (if you need them), supplied in medium sized sheets (1/4 of a Jumbo, 19in x 29in), quantity based on your project. Your project tutorial will be posted to Worbla.com, and your images used in our social media campaigns, but you keep your project and can share your work/tutorials on any media channels you’d like. 


You do not need to have a large social media following, or have even worked with Worbla before to apply. We are looking for are people who can:

  • Provide clear, well documented tutorials with well lit photos and easy to follow instructions (in video or text +image form)
  • Provide finished project photos that are suitable for sharing on social media and using for banners and similar website purposes. These should be well lit, where the project is the focus and easily seen against the background if on a model, and similarly clear photos of the finished piece against a plain backdrop.

We are looking for crafters and costumers of all sorts, so you do not need a large cosplay-specific portfolio behind you. All you need is to show us you can write a tutorial, and take clear photos of your process and work!

If you don’t have photos of your work, use this as a chance to take some, to show us what you can do.
If you don’t have tutorials, create a simple demonstration one for us – it doesn’t have to be using Worbla, but for any craft or instructional process (but it must include photos you take). Show us how to sew a patch, how to fold a paper crane, how to decorate a cupcake, how to paint a pumpkin. 

Tutorial and Image Expectations for Finished Sponsored Builds

You’ll need to fulfill these guidelines if we choose you for a build:


Images of your finished project should either showcase your piece on a model (when possible) against a neutral or suitable background, or photographed against a plain surface and neutral backdrop, depending on size.  If working with a photographer, you are responsible for ensuring the image rights to the image include cropping and social media use (with credit).

Work in progress images / tutorial images should be clear and easy to understand with minimal background clutter. 

As long as images are clear and well lit, smart phone images are acceptable for WIP images. If you are using a smart phone for your final images, you will need to be very aware of ensuring your background is clean and distant from your model.

Video Tutorials

Videos must be easy to follow, well lit, and from a recording angle that allows viewers to understand what process you are explaining. They must be edited to be concise, not a 3 hour work log. Music if used must be creative commons/royalty free. Videos should include a voiceover explaining steps if the video is just of your hands working. 

Text and Image Tutorials

Text and image tutorials must be easy to follow, with proper punctuation and spelling. Photos should show the major steps of the build, and have minimal clutter in the background.

Image Examples 

Well lit images with minimal clutter are very important to us!

Tutorial Examples

If you’ve never written a tutorial or are unsure of what a video tutorial should include, please check out these examples below! 

Worbla Pearly Art Scales Bracer Tutorial – text
Worbla Flower Necklace – text
Deco Art Fox Ears – text
Camilla’s Breastplate with Foam and Worbla Tutorial – text
Sombra Cyberspace Pauldron – video
Preventing and Removing Air Bubbles with Worbla – video
Using a Cricut with Worbla – video
Easy Molding and Casting with Worbla’s Pearly Art – video

How to Submit 

Please make sure you read the below carefully. Submissions that do not follow guidelines will be ignored.

We are using Google Forms to keep track of all submissions. You will need to:

  • Choose a project you’d like to use Worbla for, and what you think you’d make a tutorial for with it.
  • Fill out the form with your project details and expected needs.
  • Create a small portfolio in google drive or dropbox of examples of current work. This should include 
    • 3-4 photos of your best/favorite pieces
    • a tutorial you have made in either PDF or Google Doc format for text+photo, MPEG4 for video (if creating one for us)
      (Videos and links to already published tutorials will be accepted in the form itself)
We will be choosing builds from these submissions and contacting you directly via email to go over details if you are chosen. 
You can find the google form here.