We are very excited to announce a new product to the Worbla family – Die Cut Scales made from Worbla’s Pearly Art!

We’ve shared tutorials for cutting Worbla with a laser cutter, but not everyone has access to one. Cutting scales out by hand can be time consuming and physically taxing, so these were created to save you time (and save your hands!)

Take a look at how these can be used below:

The scales measure 3cm x 1.6cm (1.18inch x 0.62 inch) and have all the properties of Pearly art (can be heat shaped, self adhesive to other Worbla products, smooth without requiring priming)

These will be available in 2.5oz and 5oz bags, holding approx 135 and 170 pieces respectively. The 2.5oz bag will give approximately 50sq in coverage, and the 5 oz will give approximately 100 sq in in coverage.

You can find Pearly Art Scales at our Online Retailer, Cosplaysupplies.com, or check out your local shop on our Where To Buy page.