Worbla’s® KobraCast Art (WKA) – the most versatile Worbla’s® ever!

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Worbla’s® KobraCast Art: You can call it the Jack of all trades from Worbla and just like all the products of the Worbla’s® Art Series it is solvent-free and non-toxic, (though not yet rated ASTM D-4236).

It is heat activated (approx. 80-90 °C / 175-195 °F) and can be shaped by hand, in a mold, or vacuformed. WKA can be re-activated as often as you like and all leftovers can be re-used so there is almost no waste.

Worbla’s® KobraCast Art contains a very strong adhesive, meaning it will stick very well to itself and to other materials if treated properly.

What makes Worbla’s® KobraCast Art so unique is the very stretchable, but tear-resistant mesh inside. This makes it possible to cast organic shapes such as antlers. WKA stays a somewhat flexible even after cooling which makes it possible to seperate from complex molds, including those with undercuts. Worbla’s Kobracast Art comes in sheets in the same sizes as Worbla’s other sheet plastics, and is the thinnest Worbla’s product: it is about the same thickness as cardstock or bristol board.

Worbla’s® KobraCast Art’s surface maintains a texture when formed similar to that of fine medical gauze. You can paint directly onto it, or prime it with Flexbond, Gesso, or other primers to smooth out the surface before painting.

One of the new features of Kobracast is that you can sew through it quite easily for attaching leather, fur, fabrics and more. As WKA is exceptionally lightweight, it is ideal for a stabilizing substructure to use for bags, corsets and much more!


Worbla’s Kobracast Art is named after an older product that some might know (the now discontinued KobraCast) it is not a direct recreation. One of the biggest changes is that the original KobraCast was breathable, and the new Kobracast Art is not. You can see the differences between the old and new Kobracast in this video here.

We have a gallery of examples below!

You can also see videos of Worbla’s Kobracast Art in action below!

Antlers by Naruvien Art&Design

Molding a mask over a plaster base by Cast4Art feat. Last Minute Man’s Kitchen

Pouches made with Worbla’s Kobracast Art and Faux Leather by Monono Cosplay