Armor Examples 2

Mango Sirene used Worbla for Tharja’s neck piece, from Fire Emblem Awakening. Photo by Miss Mallo Photography.

Keesey Cosplay used Worbla for the breastplate and tiara of this Pinup Wonder Woman costume.

Loghain Mac Tir’s River Dane Armor from Dragon Age, made with Worbla and leather, by The Tea-Drunk Tailor (also found on tumblr), last photos by Foxfire-Ghost and Aka Maple

Breastplate, armor and details made from Worbla in this Dark Angel Olivia costume by by Karen Cosplay.

Samui Cosplay used Worbla for the Armor and Filigree Detailing on her Tyrande Whisperwind from World of Warcraft. Last photo by Silver Cosplay and Photography.

Mel Dee Cosplay of Deela designs used Worbla for her Warrior Ariel and Ursula designs.

Worbla armor in this Flemeth Costume by Karen Cosplay

Armor collar for this Lady Loki costume by Anachronism in Action. The base is Worbla, primed with gesso, and painted with metallic acrylic paint, rub’n’buff and clear satin finish spray paint. Collar is lined with moleskin for comfort, and laces closed in the back.

Armor made by Kinpatsu Cosplay for her Katerina costume

Warrior Rainbow Dash armor by Kirakira cosplay

Alexstrasza from World of Warcraft by Blanko Cosplay