Maskmaking Examples with Worbla

We’re often asked about using Worbla for masks, and so we put together this page to showcase the numerous designs, tutorials and projects that have used Worbla for maskmaking. Take a look!

Looking to make a superhero mask? Aigue-Marine shares how she made her Robin mask here.

Vickibunnyangel shared with us this video on making a custom fit Worbla mask.

Axceleration created this great video showing how she made a Domino Mask from Worbla.

Want something more involved?

This Marrowak mask by Termina Cosplay has a detailed tutorial here.

How about more inspiration?

Blue Spirit mask by B3 Designs

Fairy Mask by Angela of

Sister’s mask from Kubo and the Two Strings by Elemental Photography and Design

Plague Doctor Mask by Lyn Sigurdson

Whether you need a last minute mask for Halloween or a Masquerade, or have a complex design you want to render faithfully – Worbla is a fantastic material for Masks and headpieces no matter the scope and size.