Tryndarmere Armor – League of Legends

CocoRocha from Glamorous Gamer Girls used Worbla for the first time on her Genderbend Tryndarmere Armor.

20131211064046277Just currently working on my Genderbend Tryndamere cosplay as most of you know. I’ve been working with Worbla for the first time and its been a really nice experience. If I knew it was so easy I would have used it a long time ago. It is very expensive so that’s why I’ve been avoiding it, but one large piece did most of my Tryndarmere armor.

Worbla is a plastic material that melts easily with a heat gun. You can mold any shape you want and reshape it if you made any mistakes. The nice thing about Worbla is that you can melt all the scraps and mold it together to make details on your cosplay. It’s a very nice change from using foam board and sanding everything, having trouble making it durable and smooth.

2014-04-28 21.33.50When I made armor I wanted durable, such as my breastplate, I used 2 layers of Worbla. I layered it flat first and then shaped it. This makes it stronger and harder to melt so that you won’t warp it while reheating it up to stick on details. For straight or curved elements I used craft foam and wrapped the worbla around it. Most cosplayers use a double layer to make it stronger but I only used the front layer in order to save money. I will hopefully go through more details about worbla later on.

Most of the stuff I’ve learned is from two specific cosplayers. Lightning Cosplay & Kamui Cosplay which are the two cosplayers I look up to and follow the most. I believe they are both from Germany and possibly are friends? Anyways, Most of the things I’ve learnt is from looking at their cosplays and videos, I urge you to follow them on Facebook and be inspired! Kamui has many good video tutorials about working with cosplay materials, making gems etc. She has subtitles so just put them on and you can follow her tutorials with no problem.

So here are the images of my Worbla pieces so far. I haven’t added any Gesso or paint yet. When you use Worbla you have to use a gesso or fiberglass to smoothen it out from what I’ve hear from other cosplayers.

2014-04-28 21.55.47

2014-05-15 17.22.49