Flexbond Resources

If you’re looking for more information about how to use Flexbond or how it holds up on different surfaces, we’ve collected our information here!

The Original Ultimate Guide to Smoothing Worbla
Written in April of 2015, this was the first real series of tests of many products including Flexbond on Worbla, and was what got us interested in carrying more cosplayer-friendly sized containers.

Flexbond Test and Review
“…And Sewing Is Half The Battle!” puts Flexbond through the paces and does a fantastic writeup with photos of what they found.

Using Flexbond for a Smooth Finish
Rinkujutsu gave us this great writeup regarding how she used Flexbond to create a smooth finish for their Magic Armor from Legend of Zelda, including ways to minimize brush strokes and work in detailed areas.