Erza Cosplay’s Work

Photo by Katapon Photography
Photo by Katapon Photography

Erza Cosplay continues to astonish us with her amazing attention to detail, fantastic craftsmanship, and wonderful tutorials and willingness to help that we love to see within the community. As a result, this is a page to highlight and showcase her phenomenal work. If you haven’t done so, you should absolutely check her out!

Erza’s most recent project has been Sagittarius, a Greco-Roman armored piece with amazing detail.

This amazing Heavy Luminescence Armor from Guild Wars 2 used Worbla’s Finest Art, TranspArt and DecoArt. Photos by Katapon Photo, Harrasaki Photographie and NBM l Productions.

Eir Stegalkin from Guild Wars 2. Photos by Greencat

Ice Spirit Queen, photos by Andy K and BlueBlack Diamond.

Erza Scarlet Heart Kreuz, photos by BlueBlack Diamond.

Erza Scarlet Steampunk, Photos by Hagakure Pictures and Greencat

Hel, the Dragon of Life and Death, an original design by Erza Cosplay.

Videos and Tutorials

Erza Cosplay has also shared numerous videos showing multiple techniques with Worbla products for Cosplay and Costumes.

Fake Cleavage
Planning a costume that requires Epic Cleavage? Need a way to build a top that you don’t break laws with – and won’t fall out of? Erza Cosplay created this video showing how she made her fake breasts with Worbla, foam, and spandex for her Nakagami Armor. Photo by Romana Gruber Photography


Fine Detail in Worbla Black Art
Erza Cosplay shows how she uses thin sections of Worbla’s Black Art to create the iconic Greek ‘wave’ detail on her upcoming costume.

You can also see how she uses a ‘half relief’ method to create impressive detail for her upcoming Sagittarius design.

Or if you need to make Celtic Knotwork for your designs:

This is a great video showing how to make lightweight, sturdy horns for your cosplay using Worbla Black Art and Aluminum Foil.

Erza Cosplay shared how she makes Dragon heads without armature or base in this video series.