Armor Examples 8

Erza Cosplay used Worbla’s Finest Art, TranspArt and DecoArt for this amazing Heavy Luminescence Armor from Guild Wars 2. Photos by Katapon Photo, Harrasaki Photographie and NBM l Productions.

Andy Rae Cosplay used Worbla’s Finest for her amazing Vaporeon Valkyrie. Last image by David Yang

Zeratul by Nightshift Cosplay

Stag Norn armor by Element Cosplay, photo by JWaiDesign Photography

Arcane Green Lantern by Dhareza Cosplayza. Photos by Vivid Vision, Odinsiris and Jason Laboy Photography

Armored Sailor Moon by Imai Cosplay

Lyz Brickley has used Worbla for many different armor designs, several of which are featured below. Photos by Carlos G photography and Sorairo-days Cosplay & Photography.

Orianna Bladecraft by Soo Cosplay, photos by Arthur J. Sayanoff and Aleke Photography

Zora from Twilight Princess by Lara Wegenaer Arts

Genos from One Punch Man by Jechts Cosplay. He shared a video of his build as well here.

Spooky Boogie costume by Cat’s Cosplay Wonderland

Grey Warden Alistair from Dragon Age Inquisition by Pasta Cosplay
Everything was handmade, the scales were hand cast, and the armor was made from foam and Worbla’s Black Art.