Worbla Black Gallery

While it’s hard to tell Worbla Black from Worbla’s Finest when everything’s finished, the smoothness and ability to take extra fine detail can be a definite bonus. Here are examples of work done with Worbla Black!


A Greco-Roman breastplate made of Black Art by Erza Cosplay. The fine detail she can achieve is astonishing!

Articulated Gauntlet made of Worbla Black – for Diablo 3 Wizard in the Firebird Armor made with both Worbla’s Finest and Worbla Black by Nefeni Cosplay – click to see video.

Work done by Cast4Art for the Worbla Black launch.

Harley Quinn breastplate and Tyrande Whisperwind accessories by Lanthea Cosplay

Breastplate by Nightshift Cosplay

Automail from Full Metal Alchemist by Rinkujutsu

Articulated Wing Details by Airbubbles Cosplay

League of Legends Kindred Mask by MeltingMirror Cosplay