Making a TranspArt Handheld Flame

Amanda of Elemental Photography and Design created this tutorial for making your own TranspArt flame:


I wanted to try my hand at dying TranspArt and then turning those pieces into a flame prop for photos. If you want to make one yourself, these are the steps!

Step One:
Cut out some basic flamey shapes out of paper. Use them to get an idea of how big you want your finished piece to be.

Step Two:
Cut out the same shapes in your TranspArt.

Step Three:
Dye your TranspArt. For a tutorial on dying, click here!

Step Four:
Heat your pieces one at a time, then pull, stretch and pinch them to help make your individual ‘flame’ shapes.

Step Five:
Heat and shape your pieces around one another, pressing the bottoms together. (I shaped mine around a small ball of parchment paper to help keep the middle open.) If you have trouble joining pieces, you can use hot glue for this.
If you want a handle, I used a strip of TranspArt and then covered it with thin peach spandex.

Elemental-9171 Elemental-9158

Congrats, you have a hand flame thing! You can also build an LED into it for additional effect. (I just tucked a red LED under mine for photos)

Elemental-0004 Elemental-9166 Elemental-9163 Elemental-9162 Elemental-9170Elemental-0002