Books on Worbla

Kamui Cosplay, well known for her work with thermoplastics, has created three fantastic books showcasing her methods for working with Worbla’s Finest art. All three books are available here, with a discount when purchased together.

The Book of Prop Making

Available here. The Book of Prop Making uses Worbla and foam to create bows, staffs, swords and spears. You can use these instructions to help you build any prop, large or small. At 48 full colour pages, Kamui covers
– Basic Materials
– Preparation & Tools
– Scaling
– Creating Weapon Patterns
– Separating Weapons for Transportation
– Shaping Foam
– Covering Foam with Worbla
– Detail Work

The Book of Cosplay Armor Making

Available here. The book of Cosplay Armor Making uses Worbla, Wonderflex, and foam for armor projects. 48 full colour pages that cover
– Material definition
– Required tools
– Preparation
– Creating patterns
– Bring your armor into shape
– Detail work
– Work examples
– Attaching your armor
– Transportation

The Book of Cosplay Painting

Available here. The Book of Cosplay Painting discusses brush painting with acrylics and will help you complete any Worbla project. 48 full colour pages offer step by step guides on
– Choice of References
– Three-dimensional painting
– Priming
– Materials & Tools
– Basic Paint
– Painting metals
– Painting organics
– Gradients
– Shadows and lights
– Details
– Weathering
– Sealing
– Work examples
– Repairing


Interested in how Kamui adds lights to her projects? She’s also published a book on the basics of LED lighting. Check out the details here.