Masks and Headgear

Romeo and Juliet masks created by Meeka Postman, Costume Crafts Artisan. Last image by Mary Whalen. Romeo and Juliet designed by Kathryn Wagner

Gears of War mask by Dhareza Cosplayza.

Ravenna crown from Snow White and the Huntsman by MeltingMirror.

General Wukong from League of Legends mask by Eminence Rain who used Worbla’s Finest Art for the face and Worbla’s Transpart for the eyes and crescent headpiece.

Titan head by Tiffany Dean Cosplay

Plague Doctor Mask by Lyn Sigurdson

Nami Helmet by Bambi Cosplay

Inquisitor helmet by Karin Olava Effects.

Face mask by Sina Voss alias Aigue-Marine Cosplay

Sorsha Helmet from Willow by Avianna photos by Swoz

Blue Spirit mask by B3 Designs modeled by Pink Justice Cosplay

Kilik from Soul Calibur V by Pink Justice Cosplay, photo by Victor Voyeur

Arishok from Dragon Age II by Pink Justice Cosplay, photo by Victor Voyeur

Samus Aran helmet from Metroid by Lara Lunardi (facebook, Instagram). Clay was sculpted and used as the positive the Worbla was formed over.

Fairy mask by Angela of

Molding a mask over a face from a workshop.

More images from a Worbla workshop.

Molding Worbla covered with glued lycra