Saviours Hide Hircine from Elder Scrolls

Saviours Hide/Hircine from Elder Scrolls by Pipa Wolf
won Judges Choice at the MCM Manchester Comic Con

I made a mold of my body using gaffer tape, then drew on the rough shape of my armour, which I then cut out and transferred the pattern onto foam sheets.
(The foam sheets were later sandwiched inside the armor for strength)

Here are some pieces with the foam sandwiched inside, before and after fusing the Worbla layers:

I then adjusted the shape until it resembled the base shape I desired.

I then added accents using the Worbla; any leftover pieces were molded into studs, spikes and rings.

Priming the armor:

Painting the base coat and weathering the bodice.

The leg armor in progress.

Leg armor with spikes and fur added.

Leg Armor, painted and weathered.

The finished leg armor.

The finished costume:

The Worbla was really easy to work with and I’m really happy with the end result, it was my first try at making armour and using Worbla and I’ve had incredible feedback from fellow cosplayers. It has actually encouraged a lot of people I know to get into cosplaying and making bigger projects.