Demon Hunter Helmet

Chrix Design shared this detailed writeup covering the Chest Plate, Leg Armor, Pauldrons, Helmet, Shield and Bracer, and Crossbow of her Demon Hunter from Diablo.

The Helmet
I altered the the design a little, since the resolution of the concept art of this feature was a bit undefined. I wanted to add a bit more edges to the horns and detailing in the back.

I had no idea how to begin this build process, so I did what I know best – cardboard.
2014-10-01 19.47.47

2014-10-01 19.47.49

And then wrapped the cardboard mock up with worbla. Sine the look of the helmet is forged it works great with this slightly uneven surface. Still a way to go, but we are getting there.
2014-10-09 17.53.32

The horns were expanding foam base (see horn for the pauldrons).
2014-07-20 17.59.52

2014-07-20 18.27.27

2014-08-30 16.07.36

Then the horns were carved out and covered in masking tape.
2014-10-09 17.53.32

To get a different texture on the helmet than on the pauldron horns I added Glue gun glue around and round the horns (took forever). Then They were spray painted gold and heavily weathered with brown acrylic paint.

2014-12-28 19.12.51

2014-12-28 19.12.43

2014-12-28 19.13.11

Back to the base of the helmet, testing horns, not happy yet.
2014-10-09 18.07.40

Details added.

The base was painted the same way as the horns.
2014-12-28 19.12.10

2014-12-28 19.12.26

2014-12-28 19.12.31

To attach the horns I have embedded 5 mm nuts in the horns and secure them with 5 mm bolts. I have even made a youtube video explaining and showing how to take them on and off.

2014-12-28 19.13.47

2014-12-28 19.14.02

Looking good.
2014-12-28 19.11.13

2014-12-28 19.11.02

2014-12-28 19.10.41

2014-12-28 19.10.30

2014-12-28 19.11.46

Demon Hunter 2

Demon Hunter 3