Full Costumes

Guild Wars 2 Orrian Armor by Enayla Cosplay . Photos by KL Media, Jwai Design Photography and Sweet Sensations Photography.

Saber Costume and Excalibur sword by Calssara Cosplay

Death Knight breastplate by Katharina Bornwasser alias Lyhana Cosplay

GLaDOS costume by Enayla Cosplay . Photos by Darkain Multimedia.

Pipa Wolf Cosplay’s Lilith from Darksiders 2. Photos by Food and Cosplay and Wojciech Zuchowski Photography.

Suzanne / Armored Soul Cosplayer used Worbla for her horns and armor, as well as for her hooves in this Faun costume. Photos by Kathryn Thomas

World of Warcraft Scourgestalker armor, hunter tier 8.5, by Oshley Cosplay

Barbarian costume by Andy Rae Cosplay