Armor Examples 5

Eir Stegalkin from Guild Wars 2 by Erza Cosplay photos by Greencat

Ice Spirit Queen by Erza Cosplay, photos by Andy K and BlueBlack Diamond.

Erza Scarlet Heart Kreuz by Erza Cosplay, photos by BlueBlack Diamond.

Erza Scarlet Steampunk by Ezra Cosplay Photos by Hagakure Pictures and Greencat

Gyrados Costume Progress by Termina Cosplay (dA)

Klingon Armor by Ravenlordess

Gulcasa – Yggdra Union by I-Artemis-I (tumblr). Photos by Lorenzo So Photography and TiMarsh Digital Imaging

Monk from Diablo III by Littleblondegoth Cosplay

Justicar Syndra from League of Legends by Bloodraven Cosplay

Elizabeth Shaw from Prometheus by Necr0w