Star Trek Phaser Tutorial

Anna Stasia shared her Star Trek TNG phaser tutorial with us.
Since I decided to cosplay a Fem Data, I needed a STNG phaser. First, get yourself a reference image. I used this one.


Next, figure out the size you want it to be. I kind of measured my palm as if I was holding the phaser, then doubled that. Ended up being 8 inches. On a the fold of a piece of paper, sketch out your design, sticking to the measurements. I made the handle 4 inches and the phaser 4 inches.


Use this template to cut out your design in EVA foam. Use two pieces. Hot glue the rough surfaces together.


Next, use regular craft foam to cover. I did my cuts badly, so I had gaps that I had to fill with hot glue.


Use your phaser to measure out how much worbla you will need. Cut.


Heat and mold the worbla to your phaser, cutting notches as needed.




Sand all the rough edges. Cover the entire phaser in multiple glue coats (I used wood glue. Most tutorials recommend gesso, I just haven’t gotten around to purchasing any). Then, cut out the buttons from regular craft foam and glue in place.


Prime. I used black because black makes silver pop.


Next, paint the design. I started with silver. Do multiple coats. Then, I added a touch of gold (for some of the buttons). Then I did the green button.



And that’s it! All done! I didn’t seal mine. It’s not tacky and it’s not leaving fingerprints, so I think I’m going to leave it be. I’m always afraid that sealing it will dull the silver.

Thanks again to Ana Stasia for sharing her tutorial with us! You can find her work online below!