Part 1: Adjutant head piece (StarCraft 2)

Chrisx Design recently shared with us her Adjunct costume from StarCraft 2. Not only is the costume itself stunning, but she also shared with us tutorials on how she made it!

The head piece

I have wanted to make an Adjutant cosplay for ages, and finally I figured that I would try.

Other tutorials you can find here: Back/chest armor, shoulder armor and other parts.

First off: the head piece.


I started with a Styrofoam head and covered it with worbla, then I had a base to add other details on. Because I’m cheap I use a base of cardboard for some of my details instead of double worbla layer or craft foam core.
2014-03-29 22.19.56

Then I slowly added details.
2014-03-30 17.27.07
2014-03-30 17.27.11
2014-03-30 17.27.14
2014-03-30 17.27.17

And this is how I made the “Mohawk”. A cardboard stencil
2014-03-30 18.18.17
Covered in worbla and folded
2014-03-30 18.34.12
2014-03-30 18.34.08
Then the edges are folded in.
2014-03-30 18.36.47
And the Mohawk suddenly appeared.
2014-03-30 18.38.37
2014-03-30 18.27.40
2014-03-30 20.53.32
2014-03-30 20.53.36
More details and tubes.
And even more details.
2014-04-02 16.29.54
2014-04-02 16.30.00
2014-04-02 16.30.09
2014-04-02 16.30.04
The mic ready with lights (but no sound).
2014-04-02 19.06.48
2014-04-02 20.47.42
First layer of Gesso
2014-04-03 07.18.17-1
2014-04-03 07.18.35
And some silver paint.
2014-04-10 18.21.24
And some detail paint
2014-04-13 14.31.33-1
Adding some lights and the rest of the tubes and we are ready to go. Here you see the jar with threads on the end, so the tubes can be screwed into the back armor. Here it is sadly a little broken after transportation.
2014-04-29 19.58.56
Close up of the threads.
2014-04-29 20.00.53
2014-04-29 19.59.10
2014-04-29 19.59.21
2014-04-29 19.59.02
I couldn’t make out what it was written on the ear pieces so I decided to put down CHRIX12 instead (12th is my birthday)
2014-04-29 19.59.49
2014-04-29 19.59.55
2014-04-29 20.00.03
2014-04-29 20.00.07
2014-04-29 20.00.20
And this is how the head piece looks when it is blended with the gelatin forehead. (Photos by Pål Andresen)