Inquisition Buttons (Recycling Worbla)

Karin Olava Effects shared this great idea for turning your Worbla scraps into buttons. You can use this idea to make any sort of design, or even make small creatures or pendants (perfect for gifts!)

Got worbla scraps?

I have a lot of worbla scraps and leftovers that I don’t really know what to do with. Of course you can shape it into spikes and skull details for you armour, and some ever make new sheets from it. But I’m going to show you how you can make geeky little gifts for your friends! It’s quick, easy and fun!

Fist you are going to need some buttons. I use leftover ones from work. Then gather your worbla scraps, heat and start shaping it into the patterns you want. Because of all the Dragon Age Inquisition updates from Bioware lately, I’ve opted for some Inquisition logo styles. If the worbla won’t stick to the button once it’s cooled down, just glue it down with some contact glue.

When you have your base done, it’s just to prime with woodglue. Some people prefer to use gesso, but for something quick like this I just add three layer of woodglue. After that it all dry it’s just to pick you colors and paint! I use normal acrylic paints. And for a more beaten up look I like to weather my pieces. Here I simple paint on some black in the nooks and crannies and wipe it off with a paper towel. Leaving some paint for a dirt like effects. You can of course go over with more brown tones for a rusty look.

You could just clearcoat them now and be happy, but I’m going about this is typical Dragon Age style. Blood, blood and more blood! >D I like to use Skin Illustrator alcoholic paints in blood tones for this, but normal acrylic paints should do the trick.

Then just a coat of clear lacquer and you done! Neat little geek accessories for you and your friends! And an easy way to get allies for the Inquisition ;)

Thanks to Karin Olava Effects for sharing this with us!