Armor Examples 3

Nebula Arm and Headpiece by Karin Olava Effects. Last two photos by Danarki

King Joffrey Baratheon armor by Naraku Brock

Rengar armor from League of Legends by Ritz Bitz

Zelda’s armor from The Legend of Zelda, by Bambi Cosplay

Clalaclan from Shining Tears by Koi-Ishly, armor, shield and cross made with Worbla.

Priest Tier 6 shoulder pieces from World of Warcarft, by The Tragic Shrew

Season 14 PVP Warrior (World of Warcraft) Breastplate by Tiff

Princess Jasmine’s armor, designed and made by Gladzy Kei Art and Cosplay

Snow White’s armor by Andy Rae Cosplay