Full Costumes 2

Darius from League of Legends by Jynx Art & Cosplay, photos by Jeprox Shots and Martin Wong

Demon Hunter from Diablo III by Littleblondegoth Cosplay

Sexy Dovahkiin (Deadric custom mod) from Skyrim by Kamui Cosplay

Naga Siren, The Slithereen Knight, by Pipa Wolf. Photos by Karen Berry

Kos-Mos by Lara Lunardi (facebook, Instagram)

Knight of Etro armor by Fantalusy (Facebook)

Elder Scrolls Online Emperor Armour by The Tragic Shrew

Demon Hunter (Diablo 3) costume by Monika Lee

Scarlet Witch by VertVixen cosplay

Visage of Giyua from Diablo 3 by FC Cosplay