Camilla’s Breastplate with Foam and Worbla Tutorial [Fire Emblem]

Breastplates can be a daunting task, but AllieCat Cosplay created this tutorial in partnership with Cosplaysupplies showing how she created her fantastic breastplate for her Camilla build, using Worbla and Foam. You can use this process to build your own Camilla armor, or a similar character’s design. Take a look at the steps below!

Camilla’s Breastplate with Foam and Worbla Tutorial

Make a Tape Pattern over your body and cut directly down the middle and back (getting assistance so as to not cut yourself upon removal).

Cut out breast cup making dart-notches so the pattern lays completely flat

Transfer to 1/4 inch L200 foam and glue together at seams. Start with notches first then merge middle seam.

Transfer stomach portion to 1/4 inch L200 foam and glue down the middle making sure they line up.

Connect back portions to the front panel and it will start to take shape on its own.

Wrapping corset around pillows, put torso of breastplate on top and heat with a heat gun, slightly pulling the foam towards the back and waiting for the foam to cool. It will hold a curved shape after cooling.

Attach Breast cups to torso portion. At the bottom where the armor lip is, score the line with an exacto knife making sure to not cut all the way through.

Pinch the L200 foam where you scored it and heat with a heat gun. Hold in place until it has cooled.

Add details using the original pattern as a stencil with sheets of 2mm craft foam and contact cement.

Wrap bodice around pillow for support and slowly but carefully heat a large sheet of Black Worbla from the middle to the outside making sure not to rip the sheet.

Prime with 4-5 layers of woodglue and prime with grey spray primer.

Paint with matte black and gold/white details with metallic paints so that they pop in photos.

The breastplate will be seamless and strong to wear in battle!