Armored Shoe Cover Tutorial [Camilla from Fire Emblem]

Need to make armor for your shoes? AllieCat Cosplay created this tutorial in partnership with Cosplaysupplies showing how she created her armored shoes in her Camilla build. It’s a straightforward process that you can do easily with eva foam and Worbla. Take a look at the steps below!


How to Make Camilla’s Armored Shoe Covers

Step 1: Start with a comfortable shoe.
Cover the shoe with plastic wrap (cling film) and then tape to mark your pattern onto.

Step 2: Pattern
Using a marker, draw out your details, then carefully cut your pattern apart. Transfer pattern pieces to 2mm foam, creating a ½ inch lip to connect pieces together.

Step 3: Shape
Cover shoe with towel and heat shape 2mm foam pieces to the curvature of the shoe, then glue foam armor pieces together at the ½ inch lip.

Step 4: Worbla
Heat Black Worbla and cover the armor pieces completely. Press your layer details in with a sculpting tool and trim the excess. Use Worbla scraps to create rivet details.

Step 5: Attaching
Use 2 inch wide elastic and glue to the bottom of the armor near the arch of the foot. This will be the strap to keep the armor on. 

Step 6: Paint!
Prime the Black Worbla with 4-5 layers of wood glue, then paint and seal. ( note: you can also use other methods for priming, check out our guide here!)

And you’re done!

Thanks to AllieCat Cosplay for this tutorial! Photo credit for the last image goes to Lafeetz Photography.