Deco Art Fox Ears

Amanda from Elemental Photography and Design created this simple and cute flower and fox ear headband using Worbla’s Deco Art, and shared the process of how she created it with us below!

I needed to make an example piece using Deco Art, so I decided on some cute animal ears. Step one was to heat my Worbla Deco Art – while I usually use a silicone cup, I didn’t have one handy and so lined a bowl with parchment paper.

Once heated, the pellets turn clear – I blended them together and shaped an ear.

Deco Art will ‘sag’ with gravity as it cools – so I flash cooled the ear in cold water.

Next I took a headband and applied Deco Art to it where I wanted to place the ears, so that it would act like a glue. You could also use hot glue! I think if I did this again, I would use Finest or Mesh Art, as the Deco Art is less flexible when cool and made the headband a bit tight on my head.

Just heat both the ear and the Deco Art base to attach.

Next was decorations. I shaped the leaves by hand, and the flowers were pressed into a simple mold I made using Amazing Mold Putty and a flower pin.

Apply your decorations to your headband.

And then paint! Deco Art is so smooth it really needs a primer first – I used a quick autobody spray primer because I had it around, but any primer for plastics should work.

And voila!