Octopus Mask with Worbla’s Black Art

Amanda from Elemental Photography and Design created this outlandish octopus mask using Worbla’s Black Art, and shared the process with us below!

Step one was simple – make a paper template and size it to fit

That template was then used to cut out the shape in 2mm EVA foam, which was then wrapped in Worbla using the sandwich method.

The mask base was then cut out and shaped to fit

Next was the detailing! Scraps of Black Art were heated and rolled together to make the body and the arms of the octopus.

Next the whole octopus was heated and attached to the mask base, with the arms carefully positioned to be comfortable when wearing

After that, loops were added with a bit of scrap Worbla on the bask of the mask to hold a ribbon, and then the whole thing was painted with metallic paints.

And there you go! Keep in mind a mask like this is quite unbalanced, so you’ll need to plan to be anchoring it into your hair or wig, or if you’re making your own consider having one of the arms sneak across the top of your head to help support the weight.