Crystal and Flower Headband with Crystal Art

Amanda from Elemental Photography and Design created this crystal headband using Worbla’s Crystal Art, and shared the process of creating it below!

Step one was to make a mold – you could skip this step and shape the crystals by hand, but I thought this would be an easier way of getting more uniform sizes through the design in less time. I sculpted some crystal positives from Sculpy, baked them, then used the Amaze Mold putty to create this simple mold.

Next up – heat up your pellets inside a silicone container (I like using a silicone cupcake liner or an egg poacher) and when they’re heated, blend the pellets into a putty until there are no individual pellets to be seen, then press into the mold and let cool.

Always wear gloves when working with Crystal Art!
You can speed up the cooling process by dunking the whole mold into cold water, or placing it into a freezer.

Next I made the headband base. The headband I had was just a skinny thing from the dollar store, and I needed enough space on the headband to give me something to glue the crystals onto. I created a sort of half moon shaped base out of card stock, and then hot glued it onto the band for support.

You could make your headband itself from Worbla’s Finest Art for something custom sized.
The band with the cardstock glued down

I wrapped the band with some silk scraps, gluing them down along the top of the band so I had a platform to sit the crystals onto. I also decided what flowers I’d be adding, and trimmed some of the Crystal Art shapes into sharper points.

Then you just have to hot glue the Crystal Art onto the headband, then cover the base with some flowers to keep everything neat!

And you’re done! You can also color your crystals using pigments when you’re heating them, but I liked the clear crystal effect this time around.