Daggers – Foam, Worbla, and Resin

We sponsored the wonderful CheeseCakePanda Cosplay for a cool tutorial on dagger variations, and wow the results are amazing! Check out the video of the process and the gallery below!

Making Evior’s Axes from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

We sponsored Sayakat Cosplay for this build of Evior’s Axes from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and she shared her process with us in this tutorial! If you need to make a prop weapon, Sayakat’s methods are a great way to achieve a strong, lightweight build! Take a look at the video below!

Using a Cricut with Worbla – Video

Title card

The talented Downen Creative Studios has discovered that Worbla products can be cut using a Cricut – the trick is multiple cuts!

They put together these fantastic videos explaining the process and settings they use to cut Worbla products with their Cricut machine.

The first video covers Black Art and TranspArt: 
The second video covers Pearly Art and Kobracast Art

And this is a handy chart showing settings used for Worbla and other cosplay materials! Click to enlarge.

KDA Ahri 9 Tail Tutorial – Video

If you haven’t seen the video for K/DA – POP/STARS, you’re missing out on some fantastic music and designs of everyone’s favorite League of Legends characters, including Ahri and her glowing nine tails.

Image of Ahri costume featuring 9 translucent tails
Photo by Anna Cosplay Photography, Cosplay by Stella Chuu

Stella Chuu recently used TranspArt and cellophane to create her tails, and shared the process with us. You can also find the pattern for her design for sale on her Etsy if you want to try making your own!

Stella in Ahri costume sitting on a box in front of a wall of lights

Easy Mold & Cast with Worbla’s Pearly Art – Video

If you’re creating a piece with a lot of details that are mirrored, it can be frustrating to make sure everything is even on both sides. Gladzy Kei needed a lot of matching designs for her armored Esmerelda design – so she’s shared her process of creating designs from pearly art, then using a simple 2-part mold putty to create molds to make duplicates. Check out the finished piece and her video process below!

Dragon Horns and Ears from Worbla – Video

The incredibly talented NsomniaksDream is known for her amazing makeup and illustration work, but she’s also used Worbla to create fantastical accessories to complete her looks.

Her Dragon Makeup included horns and ears made from Worbla and she’s shared with us two video tutorials on the process so you can create your own below!

Making Lightweight Ears from Kobracast Art – Video

We sent Worbla’s Kobracast Art to some intrepid cosplayers and they gave us back a series of different ways to use the material for lightweight headgear – specifically ears!

We’ll be adding more posts through the coming weeks, but first our first is Pokemon Ears by Thermo Cosplay!

Next is these poseable ears by Kimidori Cosplay, which use wire and Kobracast Art to hold their shape.

Achieving a mirror-like finish on Worbla – Video

Getting the very smoothest finish on your Worbla to achieve the best possible metallic paint effect is a multi-step process. The wonderful Anathiell broke down how she achieved her fantastic gold accessories for her Vincent Valentine costume in this video below. Photo above by Jola.

Vacuforming and Molding with Transpart – Video

If you need to make a copy of something fast, or need a very smooth mold of a prop, you can get a quick and easy pull from TranspArt, a sheet of cardboard, and a vacuum cleaner – all without having to worry abut making a special table or dealing with more toxic plastics.

If you want a highly detailed or ‘deeper’ draw, or something a bit sturdier for multiple uses, a simple table build can be used as well as shown here!

Naruvien Art&Design explains two easy ways to create copies of shapes using TranspArt – both of which can be accomplished in minutes with minimal prep!

(These are in German with English Subtitles, but the process is very easy to follow.)

Forming with a Table and Frame

Last Minute Man’s Kitchen shows us the process using a simple table and frame that he used to create both sides of his TranspArt Gunblade.

EN/DE Here is a short video, how easy you can vacuum form with Worbla's Transpa Art. I made the video a bit sorter, but the whole thing needed about 2min. I heated the WTA a bit before I placed it to the frame. Then you see what I did. After cooling down, you can put the model easy out, and do the other side. If it don't has just one, like a gemstone, which you gird into a armor. Most vacuum cleaner have an air inlet at the handle, it's good to open it a bit, it saves the vacuum cleaner from overheating. At the end of the video, you see this thing. The price for all you need to build it, is about 10€ excluded the vacuum cleaner ;) Hier ist ein kleines Video, vom Tiefziehen des Dolches, wo man sieht, wie einfach es mit Worbla's Transpa Art ist. Ich habe das Video etwas gekürt, aber alles in allem, hat das Abformen ca. 2 min gedauert. Das WTA habe ich etwas erhitzt bevor ich es auf den Rahmen gelegt habe, alles weitere seht ihr ja im Video. Wenn das WTA abgekühlt ist, könnt ihr euer Modell entfernen und die andere Seite fertigen, sofern es nicht nur eine hat, wie bei einem Edelstein zum einfassen in die die Rüstung z.B. Die meisten Staubsauger haben am Griff eine Luftöffnung, es ist sinnvoll diese etwas zu öffnen, da der Staubsauger dann nicht überhitzt. Am Ende des Videos, seht ihr was ich meine. Um das ganze zu bauen, braucht ihr ca 10€ für das Material, den Staubsauger ausgenommen ;) #worbla #worblastranspaart #transparentworbla #transparent #transformation #clearworbla #clear #vacuum #forming #vacuumforming #probmaker #prob #cosplay #cos #costume #costumedesign #larp #larping #liveroleplay #glasmode #armor

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Satyr and Minotaur Builds with Digitigrade Legs – Video

If you’re looking to make a pair of convincing Digitgrade legs, take a look at this fantastic tutorial by Tim who created a great silhouette for his Minotaur and Satyr costumes without requiring stilts. The armor and Minotaur head are also made from Worbla’s Finest Art.

You can see photos of his build for both costumes below.

Using Fiberglass Resin to Smooth Worbla – Video

The awesome 9Flame Creations shared this video showing the process of using fiberglass resin to prime or smooth your Worbla before painting for a smooth finish.
(Please remember working with resin can be VERY toxic – ALWAYS follow the instructions on your product, especially regarding respirators and gloves!)