Dyeing Worbla’s Pearly Art, TranspArt, Crystal Art and Deco Art with Rit Dyes

Worbla was at USITT a few months ago and spoke with RIT about their Polyester DyeMore line and their new Proline series. We’d discussed how these dyes might work on Worbla products – and Rit set us up with dye to test ourselves. This ended up being a pretty in-depth test over a few weeks,…

Worbla’s TranspArt (Overview) – Video

Here are a few videos discussing the differences between Worbla’s Finest and Worbla’s TransPart, as well as tips for working with TranspArt. Transparent Worbla / Transpa-Art – Review by Kamui Lightning Cosplay shared this video showing some basic TranspArt work, including some amazing icicles. Worbla’s TranspArt introduction by The Thermoguys (Cast4Art)