Hendry’s Art – Glorious Worbla Home Dec for Gifts and More

We’d ask if you’ve seen Hendry’s art – Hendry_DIY on Instagram and Hendry’s Art on YouTube, but at the time of writing this, you probably haven’t. He has less than 100 followers/subscribers, and that’s a shame because he’s doing some really fantastic work with Worbla’s Black Art.  If you need to do some noodle-style filligree decoration, check out his videos for inspiration. And maybe consider making a frame or vase or letter decor as a gift with your Worbla scraps! 

Creating a Creepy Anglerfish from Worbla

Amanda of Elemental Photography and Design created this piece for display using Worbla’s Finest Art and some supplies from the local discount/dollar store and shared her process with us below! Sculpting with Worbla – especially off cuts and scraps – is easy especially if you work from a base to bulk up a design. You…