Accessories 2

Mermaid tail by MeltingMirror for her Ursula costume, photo by Martin Wong.

Feathers for Natsu from Soul Calibur V by Dessi-Desu Cosplay, last image by Sweet Sensations Photography

Furiosa Arm and Belt by Jack Gabriel Cosplay made with Worbla’s Finest and foam.

Danerys necklace from Game of Thrones and assorted Elven Accessories by Gladzy Kei Art and Cosplay

Bottle and belt pouches by Lanthea Cosplay

“Harp” made of Worbla by MeltingMirror for her AION Bard cosplay.

Worbla chain by Lanthea Cosplay

Loki’s horned helmet and gold medallions by Naraku Brock

Mechanical arm for Gage the Mechromancer from Borderlands 2 by Kirakira cosplay

Feathered shoulder pauldron by Bambi Cosplay

Pandora Dolls used Worbla for this intricate and elaborate headdress.