Dragon Horns and Ears from Worbla – Video

The incredibly talented NsomniaksDream is known for her amazing makeup and illustration work, but she’s also used Worbla to create fantastical accessories to complete her looks.

Her Dragon Makeup included horns and ears made from Worbla and she’s shared with us two video tutorials on the process so you can create your own below!

Making Lightweight Ears from Kobracast Art – Video

We sent Worbla’s Kobracast Art to some intrepid cosplayers and they gave us back a series of different ways to use the material for lightweight headgear – specifically ears!

We’ll be adding more posts through the coming weeks, but first our first is Pokemon Ears by Thermo Cosplay!

Next is these poseable ears by Kimidori Cosplay, which use wire and Kobracast Art to hold their shape.

Satyr and Minotaur Builds with Digitigrade Legs – Video

If you’re looking to make a pair of convincing Digitgrade legs, take a look at this fantastic tutorial by Tim who created a great silhouette for his Minotaur and Satyr costumes without requiring stilts. The armor and Minotaur head are also made from Worbla’s Finest Art.

You can see photos of his build for both costumes below.