Anubis Pharah – Overwatch

Photo by Milos Mlady Photography

Germia used Worbla and EVA foam to create her stunning Anubis Pharah with wings that move! It’s an amazing build and you can see her progress and the final build below!

Photos by Emzone and Milos Mlady Photography

You can see the wings move in this clip here:

Tyrande Armor and Owl!

Have you seen Aleeusha‘s owl? Made from TranspArt, Friendly Plastic, silicone and 30 LED’s, we can’t believe how awesome her rendition of Dori’thur is, and of course her Tyrande Whisperwind’s Master Skin is equally brilliant!

Aleeusha used Worbla and foam for the rest of her armor build, which also lights up!


You can find Aleeusha on Facebook and Instagram to follow more of her amazing work!

Dekaron Segita Hunter by Ináste

Ináste Cosplay (also on Instagram) created this amazing full-body costume and bow of her Segita Hunter from the video game Dekaron.

Photo by A.Z.Production Cosplay Photography
Photo by A.Z.Production Cosplay Photography

Photos above by A.Z.Production Cosplay Photography and Cyberhead Designs.

Take a look at her WIP gallery below:

Thanks again to Ináste for sharing her work with us. You can check out more of her amazing work on Facebook and Instagram!

Photo by A.Z.Production Cosplay Photography
Photo by A.Z.Production Cosplay Photography

Diablo Witch Doctor

Methyl Ethyl Cosplay used Worbla’s Finest Art for the build of her Witch Doctor costume, from Diablo.

Photo by Michael Mac Photography
Photo by Michael Mac Photography

Starship Troopers Arachnid

This fantastic costume build was shared with us by The Art of Ryan Wells. He used EVA foam and Worbla to create this Starship Troopers arachnid that can be disassembled for easy storage and transport (plus, getting through doorways). Additional images by David Ngo.

Tiamat from Dungeons and Dragons

Theena Cosplay created this amazing rendition of the three headed dragon Tiamat from Worbla, foam and apoxie sculpt! Last photo by South of Autumn

Erza Scarlet – Nakamagi and Heart Kruez Armor

Ezra Scarlet’s Nakamagi Armor by Scarlet Cosplay

Heart Kruez Armor also by Scarlet Cosplay

Armored Ariel

Lanthea Cosplay created this Armored Ariel design and shared her work with us. Photos by Hali Rosborough and Leigh MacNeil Photography

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

Koumori Cosplay, created this amazing Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Crusader armor! The paint and details blew us away when we saw it – take a look at the build process below. Full costume photographed by EOSKnight.

Full Costumes 3

A gallery featuring builds that heavily rely on Worbla to form much if not all of their costume!
Scroll down to see their builds!

Tyrael from Diablo III by Littleblondegoth Cosplay


Barbarian from Diablo III by Littleblondegoth Cosplay, photo by Si Spencer


Tempest Jana from League of Legends by Element Cosplay, photos by Novii Photography


Valkyrie by Lightning Cosplay, photos by Martin Hola and Super Cosplay girls.


Female Barbarian from Diablo III by Lightning Cosplay, photos by Martin Hola.


Hildegard von Krone from Soul Calibur 5 made by Chiara Scuro. Last images by JL7 Photography and Sweet Sensation Photography


Hel, the Dragon of Life and Death, an original design by Erza Cosplay


Chaos Knight WIP by Drack Props, original design by Stranger1988

Diablo 3 Barbarian

Lanthea Cosplay used Worbla to construct her Barbarian costume from Diablo 3, which won 1st place in props and 2nd place overall in Masters at Hal-Con in Halifax, NS.

Blood Elf Mage – World of Warcraft

Ashlee Forde of Disfusional Studios used Worbla to create a Blood Elf Mage costume from World of Warcraft, as well as Sho’ravon, Greatstaff of Annihilation.

The staff

The armor

Kamui’s Work

Kamui Cosplay is well known for her work with Worbla and has used it to make a fantastic array of costumes and props.

Diablo III Wizard

Female Malthael as designed by Zack Fischer

Tier 5 Warrior from World of Warcraft

Protoss Wizard from Starcraft

Death Knight from World of Warcraft

Tier 2 Paladin from World of Warcraft

Soridormi from World of Warcraft

Dani Moonstar’s sword designed by Zach Fischer

Wonder Woman

Diablo III Wizard

Epic Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight

AllieCat Cosplay used Worbla for her Epic Lylyth costume. You can find more of her work on her Facebook.

X-Men’s Pixie Build

Tiff shared with us her build of her Pixie costume from X-Men.

Pixie is by far the funnest character to plan since there are many depictions of her, especially on all the variations of wings, armor and pink hair you can find depending on the artist. For my take, I really wanted her armor to be bulky and over-exaggerated, because it would give it that “cartoony” appearance which I always love.

I purchased a pair of “Black Sclera” theatrical contact lenses from FX Eyes. Originally, I had made my own wings but was not happy about the quality of it so I decided to give my business to Fancy Fairy. They did an impeccable job on my wings. The wig is from Arda in Rose Pink.

I’m extremely terrible at sewing. I decided to buy a black catsuit and make my own yellow pattern. I sewed the yellow pattern on to the catsuit and then, uh, bad things happen (hint: not symmetrical).

Bracers: I used two layers of EVA foam because I wanted the bracers to look really chunky and cartoon-ish, and then I covered it with a layer of Worbla.

As expected, they ended up being very loose on my skinny little arms so I wrapped them with suran wrap very tightly for about a week. To my surprise, it actually worked and fit my arms perfectly.

For the little “knobs” on the side of the bracers, I used the bottom part of a disposable cup and cut out the top part. Filled the bottom part with resin because the cup was really weak and flimsy after cutting it, and then I used Worbla to form the shape.

Boots: This was definitely a learning experience for me because I never made boot covers before. I basically drew a pattern out of my doc marten boots and cut the pattern in half. Luckily, these boot covers were able to fit perfectly right over of my sneakers, despite the fact that the pattern was based off the doc martens. I used Wonderflex.

Legs: I used a cheap push light to make the shape of the knee “pads”. These are made out of Worbla. The rest of the armor for the legs was just eyeing everything.

Thanks again to Tiff for sharing her build with us!

Monster Hunter by Aurore360

Aurore360 made this excellent Monster Hunter costume, and shared her progress gallery with us.
Last images by Kee UltimateCosplay and Luke Caines

Full Costumes 2

A gallery featuring builds that heavily rely on Worbla to form much if not all of their costume!
Scroll down to see their builds!

Darius from League of Legends by Jynx Art & Cosplay, photos by Jeprox Shots and Martin Wong

Demon Hunter from Diablo III by Littleblondegoth Cosplay

Sexy Dovahkiin (Deadric custom mod) from Skyrim by Kamui Cosplay

Naga Siren, The Slithereen Knight, by Pipa Wolf. Photos by Karen Berry

Kos-Mos by Lara Lunardi (Instagram)

Knight of Etro armor by Fantalusy 

Elder Scrolls Online Emperor Armour by The Tragic Shrew

Demon Hunter (Diablo 3) costume by Monika Lee

Scarlet Witch by VertVixen cosplay


Tryndarmere Armor – League of Legends

CocoRocha from Glamorous Gamer Girls used Worbla for the first time on her Genderbend Tryndarmere Armor.

20131211064046277Just currently working on my Genderbend Tryndamere cosplay as most of you know. I’ve been working with Worbla for the first time and its been a really nice experience. If I knew it was so easy I would have used it a long time ago. It is very expensive so that’s why I’ve been avoiding it, but one large piece did most of my Tryndarmere armor.

Worbla is a plastic material that melts easily with a heat gun. You can mold any shape you want and reshape it if you made any mistakes. The nice thing about Worbla is that you can melt all the scraps and mold it together to make details on your cosplay. It’s a very nice change from using foam board and sanding everything, having trouble making it durable and smooth.

2014-04-28 21.33.50When I made armor I wanted durable, such as my breastplate, I used 2 layers of Worbla. I layered it flat first and then shaped it. This makes it stronger and harder to melt so that you won’t warp it while reheating it up to stick on details. For straight or curved elements I used craft foam and wrapped the worbla around it. Most cosplayers use a double layer to make it stronger but I only used the front layer in order to save money. I will hopefully go through more details about worbla later on.

Most of the stuff I’ve learned is from two specific cosplayers. Lightning Cosplay & Kamui Cosplay which are the two cosplayers I look up to and follow the most. I believe they are both from Germany and possibly are friends? Anyways, Most of the things I’ve learnt is from looking at their cosplays and videos, I urge you to follow them on Facebook and be inspired! Kamui has many good video tutorials about working with cosplay materials, making gems etc. She has subtitles so just put them on and you can follow her tutorials with no problem.

So here are the images of my Worbla pieces so far. I haven’t added any Gesso or paint yet. When you use Worbla you have to use a gesso or fiberglass to smoothen it out from what I’ve hear from other cosplayers.

2014-04-28 21.55.47

2014-05-15 17.22.49

Saviours Hide Hircine from Elder Scrolls

Saviours Hide/Hircine from Elder Scrolls by Pipa Wolf
won Judges Choice at the MCM Manchester Comic Con

I made a mold of my body using gaffer tape, then drew on the rough shape of my armour, which I then cut out and transferred the pattern onto foam sheets.
(The foam sheets were later sandwiched inside the armor for strength)

Here are some pieces with the foam sandwiched inside, before and after fusing the Worbla layers:

I then adjusted the shape until it resembled the base shape I desired.

I then added accents using the Worbla; any leftover pieces were molded into studs, spikes and rings.

Priming the armor:

Painting the base coat and weathering the bodice.

The leg armor in progress.

Leg armor with spikes and fur added.

Leg Armor, painted and weathered.

The finished leg armor.

The finished costume:

The Worbla was really easy to work with and I’m really happy with the end result, it was my first try at making armour and using Worbla and I’ve had incredible feedback from fellow cosplayers. It has actually encouraged a lot of people I know to get into cosplaying and making bigger projects.

Full Costumes

A gallery featuring builds that heavily rely on Worbla to form much if not all of their costume!
Scroll down to see their builds!
Guild Wars 2 Orrian Armor by Enayla Cosplay . Photos by KL Media, Jwai Design Photography and Sweet Sensations Photography.

Saber Costume and Excalibur sword by Calssara Cosplay


GLaDOS costume by Enayla Cosplay . Photos by Darkain Multimedia.


Pipa Wolf Cosplay’s Lilith from Darksiders 2. Photos by Food and Cosplay and Wojciech Zuchowski Photography.


Suzanne / Armored Soul Cosplayer used Worbla for her horns and armor, as well as for her hooves in this Faun costume. Photos by Kathryn Thomas


World of Warcraft Scourgestalker armor, hunter tier 8.5, by Oshley Cosplay, photographed by Ryan Cooper Photography and Rale Photography


Barbarian costume by Andy Rae Cosplay




D3 Demon Hunter

This D3 Demon Hunter armor was made by Lightning Cosplay – and you can see the process of how she created it below!