We love to share the amazing work that has been done with Worbla Products and have created these galleries to showcase our amazing customers and artists worldwide and help inspire you to see what Worbla can do! If you have work you would like us to showcase, please contact us!

Worbla’s Black Art and TranspArt Galleries:

These galleries are to showcase some of the range in Black Art and TranspArt. Don’t worry though – you will absolutely still see them reflected in the rest of our galleries and pages below!

Couture Fashion and Media Appearances:

Featured Cosplayers:

These are galleries of Cosplayers who have done amazing work not only showcasing Worbla, but also teaching others about its use.

Armor Examples:

Worbla’s Finest and Black Art have been used to create everything from simple breastplates to complex dragon pauldrons and everything in-between.


Props, Accessories, Masks and Headgear:



Full Costumes and Large Galleries

These are a collection of galleries that are large enough to need their own dedicated page, as well as costumes that are just Head-to-Toe Worbla.

Detailed Builds

These are large galleries that show the process of making a costume that often include writeups on the steps, without being detailed enough to be considered a tutorial.